10 Best Aesthetic Room Ideas Trending on TikTok & Instagram Right Now

Aesthetic Room Ideas For Small, Vibey & Cozy Rooms

Aesthetic rooms have become very popular with Instagram and TikTok celebrities over the past few years.

Driven by the lockdowns, creating an aesthetic room relies on greenery (ornamental plants, hanging vines – real or faux), muted colors (most common are neutrals and pinks), and fun light fixtures such as LED strips.

One’s expression also plays a crucial role in how an aesthetic room should look like.

For example, some of the most loved aesthetic rooms on social media incorporate personal touches like aesthetic wallpapers, photo collages, printed photographs, and art prints.

If you’re looking to create your aesthetic room and need inspiration, this article is for you.

Without further ado, these are the best 10 inspiring aesthetic bedrooms and places you can order materials to create yours in no time at all.

LED Strip Lights & Fairy String Lights

Aesthetic Room LED Strip Lights & Fairy String Lights

In this example, two critical aesthetic room components combine; ornamental plants with LED string lights – to create a stunning display that hangs above the bed.

The overall vibe is ultra-soothing and great to stare at while dozing off.

Similarly, the choice of string lights and LEDs by @dreamyyroom on Instagram is the epitome of a cozy aesthetic room.

Aesthetic Room LED Strip Lights & Fairy String Lights

Fairy, bulbs, stars, even butterflies, strip lights are great to create a cozy aesthetic room vibe.

You can place them on one wall or use them around the whole room for a magic effect.

Hands down the best way to add sparkle, charm, and personal aesthetic to your bedroom!

Ambient Lighting

Monochrome LED Stripes & Light Effects
from $7.90

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In all aesthetics, you’ll find two main types of lighting: monochrome – lights one color at a time and multicolored, capable of dynamic “running rainbow” effect.

LED strips are fixed around the perimeter under the ceiling in most cases.

But, you’ll also find quite often aesthetic rooms mixing LED strips with galaxy and nebula projectors.

The Sunset Lamp Projector

Remote Control Sunset Room Lamp Projector
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This lamp is going to change the vibe of your room in just one tap.

Remotely controlled with a smartphone app, this room lamp has a vast palette of colors ready to fill your room with joy and happiness.

A good sunset lamp projector fits almost any aesthetic room – especially the thematic aesthetic rooms presented below.

Specifications: Aluminium body, Glass lens, USB Powered. Remote Control + APP Control.

Decorative Vines ( Faux or Natural Decor Vines)

Aesthetic Room Decorative Vines ( Faux or Natural Decor Vines)

Most appreciated aesthetic room examples online incorporate decorative vines.

Usually placed behind the bed and combined with a selection of LED lights, the faux vines create an excellent fairy-Esque ambiance.

You can also place decorative vines around your windows, headboard, or mirrors.

Fake vines add texture, color, create a vibe that’s welcoming and cozy.

Above all, these aesthetic room ornaments make a massive statement at a meager price.

Vines and Fairy Curtain Lights

Artificial Vine Aesthetic Decor Set
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This is an excellent 12 pcs pack artificial vines that work wonders with fairy curtain lights.

Hanging Plants & Planters for Soothing Smells

Room Aesthetic Hanging Plants & Planters for Soothing Smells

Natural plants can give your room not just an effortless natural vibe but also a great smell.

Ideally, you’ll layer different types of plants in your bedroom to ensure new smells that last for weeks on and a cozy feel.

If you decorate your living room, use Eucalyptus, a plant that’ll confer further aesthetic to your room and a fresh but soothing smell.

Or, you can create an aesthetic room decked out from floor-to-ceiling with beautiful indoor plants, almost like a jungle aesthetic.

From leafy monsteras to hanging succulents, plants do a great job of providing a pop of bold color, organic shapes, and unique texture to a space.

Room Aesthetic Hanging Plants & Planters for Soothing Smells

Please put them in planters made of different materials to add more texture and color to your room.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors.

Use them as a way to express yourself by playing with all types of planters, rattan, woven baskets, or colorful clay!

Mixed Textures and Patterns

Best aesthetic rooms see lots of textures and patterns conferring the space with a new elevation level.

Here’s what I mean; mix feathered pillows with a funky light fixture and traditional quilted bedding.


This room decore idea comes from the understanding that at least 50% of your room’s aesthetic appeal comes from the central piece (bed) and surrounding contrast.

Thus, the best way to augment your aesthetic room is by adding a mix of different textures and structures.

Think natural materials like jute, rattan, wicker, and even leather, if not against your moral values.

You can also add some pom-pom blankets, chunky knit throws, and dried pampas grass for extra dimension and softness.

Aesthetic Bedding

Aesthetic Room Bedding Sets
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Bed sets should always emphasize the aesthetics you follow.

For example, if you’re into the Cottagecore aesthetic, you should choose floral print bedding.

Similarly, choose to fly agaric printed sheets for Fairycore.

Plushies and Pillows

Cute Aesthetic Plushies & Pillows
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If you’ve decided to create a neutral aesthetic without bright prints and patterns, then the best option is to decorate it with pillows and soft toys.

Wall Art With Eclectic Record Gallery

Aesthetic Room Wall Art With Eclectic Record Gallery

When you’re done with your bedding, the next step will be decorating your room walls.

The area of your walls and ceiling is much larger than what you can use on the floor, even taking into account tables and shelves.

To create eclectic wall art, you’ll have to choose a subject as the focal point of your room’s aesthetic and augment it with similar accents to enhance the overall theme.

For example, you can create a wall of records in mismatched patterns and make it look like it was thrown together randomly.

But, incorporate all the albums you love on the walls so your favorite music can always surround you!

Ideally, your room will look like a records shop, and if possible, add a couple of shelves packed with record labels next to your bed.

Curating an eclectic gallery wall is the best way to create a vibe that stands out from the rest.

Other items you can incorporate in the gallery can be anything from vintage movie posters, postcards, and even a set of earthy animal prints.

The collection should reflect what speaks to you, making it very personal.

Wall Collages

Aesthetic Room Wall Collage Kits
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The easiest way to get a splash of colors on your wall is by using wall collages.

Some wall collages consist only of cards; some include memorabilia decorations such as vinyl records.

Full-Length Or Disco Mirror Aesthetic Room

Full-Length Or Disco Mirror Aesthetic Room

Using a full-length mirror is not just a great way to create an aesthetic room but also a very functional accessory to have in your room.

You can prop it against the wall – opposite the window – to get more light bouncing in the room and make the space look bigger.

In addition to maximizing light and boosting the sense of space, a full-length mirror will add an airy and natural feel to any room.

Now, if your room is too tiny for a full-length mirror or even an oversized mirror, choose a disco ball mirror instead.

The aim here is to create the feel of an airy bedroom while maintaining the overall vibe of a well-thought aesthetic bedroom design.

Discoball Mirror

Aesthetic Mirror Decorative Disco Ball

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Fantastic for indie/Korean room ambient or accent lighting, the disco ball works wonders when paired with aesthetic fairy lights or simple adhesive strip lights.

Thematic Aesthetic Room

E-girl Aesthetic Room

Some of the best aesthetic rooms featured on Instagram and Tiktok follow a theme such as Dark Academia, Cottagecore, Fairycore, Gothic, Y2K, etc.

In the case of any aesthetic room that follows a theme, you’ll be able to fill as much of the free volume of the space with theme-related elements.

According to the theme, you can use LED lights, lamps, hanging vines, pendants, tapestries, hanging shelves, macrame flowers, and even a digital clock with strong neons if you love the E-Girl aesthetic.

For more minimalistic aesthetic rooms designed in the “Art Hoe” or “Soft Room” themes, use wire wall organizers, framed posters, wall mirrors, and lots of neutral color bedding.

See the next section for some great examples of what you might need to create your thematic aesthetic room.

 Digital Table Alarm Clock

Digital Wall/Table Alarm Clock

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A neutral white desk clock in different design styles will highlight your study desk or shelf.

It does not have to be a table clock; it can be wall mounting brackets and even RGB Lights to create a personal color scheme that matches your room.

Paired with a floor lamp, the digital clock decor is very suitable for soft/anime/e-girl and similar aesthetics.

Specifications: ABS Plastic body, LED display (White Light), USB Powered.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Room

Thematic Cottagecore Aesthetic Room

One of the essential parts of decorating your cottagecore room is to select the correct theme bedding and wall decor.

Floral/botanical motifs, natural earthy and green colors sheets surrounded by mushrooms/wildflowers prints, artificial vines, wooden shelves, and macrame plant hangers.

This is an aesthetic ideal for a bedroom with wood beams; the cottagecore style looks fantastic with an old-style magnifying lamp, beige throw pillows, and an art piece on the wall.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Room Decor

Cottagecore Aesthetic Room Kit
from $7.99

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Shop Cottagecore & Plantmom’s aesthetic room decor, such as mushroom tapestries, artificial flowers decor, aesthetic bedding, and much more!

Indie Aesthetic Room

Indie Aesthetic Room Decor

In this case, you’ll need lots of aesthetics of bright, oversaturated colors from the related musical subculture.

Some of the most popular indie collections online contain bright posters and tapestries, unique bedding sets, and many related wall decor.

Indie Aesthetic Room Decor

Indie Aesthetic Room Kit
from $7.99

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Indie aesthetic room decor collection featuring ambient room lighting, wall decor, acrylic vases, indie decorations, posters, and acid tapestries.

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Room

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Room Decor

Pastel colors, candle holders with funky bent and swirly candles, seashell motifs, fluffy checkerboard rugs, DIY mirrors, and tile tables with curvy lines on accents are staples of this style.

It’s not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Room Decor

Danish Pastel Aesthetic Room Kit

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The main elements of this aesthetic are seashell motifs, swirly candles and accents, fluffy rugs, brass jewelry holders and decorations, pastel pink and yellow duvet covers, and plasticine-decorated mirrors.


Combining aesthetic fairy string lights, hanging vines, neon signs, and fuzzy rug decorations might seem daunting to piece together, but it’s not as difficult as you think!

The aim is to design your room creatively and uniquely.

Don’t worry about overdoing the aesthetic of your bedroom decor.

The most significant advantage of the aesthetic decorating style is that it is super versatile.

For example, retain and repurpose your favorite bedroom furniture and wall decor to mix and match with new decorations.

The best part about aesthetic room ideas is you don’t need lots of money or expertise to give the trend a go.

If you want to add a good vibe to your room’s overall ambiance, choose a room decor that tells the story of who you, through an aesthetic or collection you love.

As a recap, here are the most popular elements you’ll need to create a unique aesthetic room:

  • Decorative vines
  • LED strips or fairy string lights
  • Full-length, lighted, or disco-ball mirrors
  • Hanging plants
  • Macrame wall hangings
  • Funky planters and tapestries
  • Neon signs and digital clocks
  • Removable wallpaper
  • Old pieces of vinyl and records
  • Wallflowers
  • Layered rugs
  • Polaroids
  • Thematic clothing racks
  • Mixed patterns on your bedding

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