10 kitchen wall decor ideas

More often than not, when it comes to kitchen reno, homeowners tend to focus on new cabinets, kitchen countertops, splashbacks, or flooring, leaving the bare walls…well bare. Kitchen wall decor ideas become a bit of an afterthought. But, little do people realize that the largest surface area in a room, apart from the floor are the walls! If these aren’t tended to, chances are the room won’t look complete, design-wise. When thinking of decoration, living rooms or bedrooms usually come to mind as canvases for creativity but why should the kitchens get the step-child treatment? 

‘The kitchen has become more important than ever over the past year, as we are noticing more and more people keen to add vintage pieces, worn comfy sofas, or soft velvet armchairs to make the room feel a little less utilitarian and more lived in.’ explains Helen Parker, the creative director of deVOL.