Yellow kitchen ideas come in many different shades. Lemon, mustard, honey, sunny… there are so many subtle variations to choose from when it comes to picking the right yellow for your kitchen. If in doubt, a heritage hue is an easy win. When designing the colorway for her collaboration with Very Simple Kitchen, Swedish designer (and self-confessed color addict) Tekla Evelina Severin created her own deep ochre shade. For inspiration, she looked to the golden yellow that’s commonly used to soften the exteriors of Swedish homes, making them seem instantly inviting. ‘It’s warm and vibrant, and has been used to paint houses for centuries,’ she says of the classic color. 

A strong yet muted shade, such as the one Tekla developed, will instantly up the cozy factor and create ambience, it’s one of the easiest kitchen color ideas to make. If you’d prefer a color at the paler end of the spectrum, experiment with softer sherbet tones. These will lighten and brighten, and can be used to pick out smaller details or as a wash of subtle color across walls or cabinetry.