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Harvey Jones / Pluck / Plykea

Playful, feminine, cocooning… pink has no shortcomings in injecting a hit of personality when it comes to home decor. It certainly makes for an unexpected choice in a largely functional setting such as a kitchen, but would you dare to go all-out with a pink kitchen? ‘We have seen a flurry of soft pink at Holte lately with most clients choosing to combine pink laminate with wood to create a warm and elegant scheme,’ relays a designer for the contemporary Hackney-based studio.

Pink’s recent ascent on the colour charts is of course owed to the uptake of so-called not-quite-pink, ‘millennial pink’. It complements green – another increasingly popular choice – and navy blue. William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens, says: ‘Pastel and light pink colours suit a huge variety of décor styles from classic, countryside kitchens to minimalist Scandi-inspired kitchens and even more sleek, modern ones.’

Of course you can nod to a touch of coquettish pink without committing to cabinetry; splashbacks, islands, painted inners and tiling can all be worked into a scheme to give it a touch of fun. Keep scrolling through the inspiration images below to see how to incorporate pink into the hardest-working room in the home.

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Making a case for strong opposites, cabinets in Blush by Little Greene create a feminine statement, but are offset by a contrasting island in Kigali by Paint & Paper Library. Designer Lizzie Green updated the existing cabinetry with new plywood fronts and oak-backed handles to make use of this property’s existing carcasses.

Pictured: A project by interior designer Lizzie Green

Inspired by Wes Anderson’s iconic cinematography, this family kitchen fuses a playful blend of vivid green, yellow and pinks. The playful pantry is in fact two-tone: lined with a pastel shade to offset the coral-hued exterior.

Pictured: ​Bespoke cabinetry, Pluck

Experiencing commitment issues? A soft pastel with a blend of wood is a clever way to tip a toe into the pink kitchen trend. And note how the stained oak units here are reflecting in the flooring, making the effect more harmonious than statement.

Pictured: Formica Just Rose fronts, Holte

Remember that you don’t have to go down the route of coloured cabinetry to achieve a pink kitchen. This space designed by 2LG Studio features walls clad in powder pink tiles from worktop to ceiling, drenching the space in soft colour and covering off the need for a separate splashback.

Pictured: A project by 2LG Studio (Image courtesy of Thames and Hudson, Making Living Lovely by Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead)

Can’t settle between navy or green alongside your conversation-starting pink kitchen island? This set-up by deVOL makes a case for mixing both, with handmade tiles in varying shades of emerald green and a co-ordinated painted wall setting the scene, whilst dark cabinets play the role of the reliable and serious understudy.

Pictured: The Classic English Kitchen by deVOL

Opting for a traditional shaker-style kitchen dipped in Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball, interior designer Brooke Copp Barton explains: ‘I felt the pink units brought a calmness and serenity to the space and perhaps a touch of the unexpected.’ The walls are New White, also from the British paint specialist.

Pictured: Kitchen from a project by Brooke Copp Barton


Mellowing out with yellow

As demonstrated here, a pop of pink doesn’t always have to be the star of the show. ‘Light and pastel colours are a great way to keep a space fairly neutral but also create a romantic and airy space that is inviting and looks great in any light and weather,’ explains Herringbone Kitchens founder William Durrant.

Pictured: Bespoke kitchen, Herringbone

Another way to temper austere cabinetry is to have a little fun with flooring. These porcelain tiles add an immediate sense of softness and spiritedness to a family kitchen.

Pictured: Neapolitan Porcelain Pink Tiles, Hyperion Tiles


Colour-drenched pink kitchen

Making a grand statement (in an equally grandiose setting), this rose-hued space takes in the skirting boards and woodwork to dramatic effect. Green, pink’s favourite counterpart, is also incorporated by way of a luxuriant marble splashback around the cooker. Brass hardware tops this elegant space off.

Pictured: Original kitchen, Harvey Jones


Pink & burgundy pairing

A lesser-seen but elegant combination is a rich bordeaux red contrasted with the palest of pinks. Topped with a light worktop and vintage brass hardware, this mix would be well-suited to a period property on any scale.

Pictured: Arbor kitchen, Harvey Jones

By now you’ve probably discerned that pink and navy blue is a popular pairing. This contemporary kitchen doesn’t employ any pink cabinetry, but a soft, plaster-like wall that softens the clean and modern design to perfection.

Pictured: Cabinets, Holte

If others in the household can’t be persuaded on the merits of a pink kitchen, then a standalone pantry is surely a fair compromise – and a feel-good one at that.

Pictured: Hartford Collection in Pink Dusk, Tom Howley


Pink kitchen with warmed-up with walnut

Pale pink is already a cocooning shade, but it is cosied up further when placed next to walnut cabinets. In this setting, pastel square tiles make for a warming splashback, lending a softness to the sharp lines created by the plywood units.

Pictured: Walnut veneered birch plywood fronts, Plykea. Matrix wall tiles, Topps Tiles


Pink wallpaper kitchen

Keeping cabinetry neutral and layering the fun up the walls is another way of tapping into this colourful trend. Jamie Watkins, founder of Divine Savages, who designed this print for his own kitchen, says: ‘I fell in love with a marshmallow pink tile and added a neutral warm timber top to keep the look warm and grounded. It makes for an unexpected space that invites you in to come and have fun.’

Pictured: Crane Fonda wallpaper, Divine Savages

For uniformity, a continuation of plywood can be used along the walls as a splashback – and also as shelving as evidenced here. Pluck’s aptly named ‘Ruskin Blossom’ laminate is pressed onto birch plywood to achieve the look.

Pictured: ​Bespoke cabinetry, Pluck

The inside of this versatile cabinet echoes the island of this beautiful kitchen, adding a shot of coordinated delight when left open. The dark units are Railings by Farrow & Ball, contrasted with the brand’s Pink Groud.

Pictured: Shaker kitchen, Olive & Barr


Pink kitchen with bare plaster walls

In this stunning project by Gresford Architects, a raw plaster wall makes for a sublime backdrop to the sugary cabinets, which are rose-coloured formica Plykea fronts on cost-friendly IKEA surfaces. The fabulous Smeg fridge in mint green adds a further retro twist to this unconventional space.

Pictured: Formica Just Rose fronts, Plykea


Palm Springs-inspired kitchen

With the previously pink interiors at London hotspot Sketch as a creative cue, the cook Gizzi Erskine enlisted interior design studio Bureau Design to create a quirky but highly functional open-plan pink kitchen that takes in an exposed brick wall painted in Confetti by Little Greene.

Pictured: Bespoke kitchen, Davonport

The laundry loads, shoe-polishing, dog washing… life admin quickly mounts up, so do it in a space that is a joy to be in, like this tongue-and-groove panelled, entirely pink utility room. Curating a setting that boosts your mood is certain to take the edge off any chores…

Pictured here: Rise & Fall pendant light, Original BTC

‘Choosing contrasting coloured wall cabinets draws the eye upwards,’ explains a designer at Custom Fronts, ‘heightening the space and creating an element of surprise and interest.’ Indeed this dusky rose shade in combination with brown oak is on the right side of earthy, warm and neutral.

Pictured: Laminate door fronts, Custom Fronts

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