Are kitchen area remodeling designs on your horizon this 12 months? If you share that kitchen area, likelihood are you’ll also be sharing some of the choice-building that comes with a renovation.

And feel me, kitchens are a superior-stakes match. 

I’m halfway by a complete house renovation of a Victorian in Beechmont with my greatest buddy and organization companion, Mike, as nicely as 4 renovations into an eventual comprehensive setting up overhaul of a smaller apartment constructing we not too long ago ordered in Previous Louisville. We most likely have a lot more, shall we say, heated discussions about the design and style of the kitchens than the rest of the areas set collectively. 

We have managed to get the job done as a result of all of our variations (with concerted exertion!), but it manufactured me marvel: what are some ideal procedures for any two or more people renovating a kitchen area jointly? That could be married or cohabitating companions, housemates, a multi-generational relatives predicament, or other duos like Mike and I that aren’t associated but share obligation for the design.