Any agent working in today’s market knows, that despite the ongoing struggles, you still have to bring in new business somehow. For new agents who haven’t experienced a down market before, this can seem especially intimidating. 

Thankfully, industry veteran Kristin Green, sat down with RealTrends to discuss her best practices for reaching her sphere of influence that are foolproof even in a down market.

Green is an agent and broker setting records in Florida real estate. In 2020 she was the #1 agent in Orlando for all Coldwell Banker offices and in 2021 she did over $30 million in volume. These stats don’t happen overnight, as she can tell you. Green goes the extra mile to secure her record-high production rate and reach her sphere of influence as often as possible. 

1. Create a brand

“I like to have fun. My clients like to have fun. So, I try and keep everything exciting and a celebration,” said Green. Any good brand will reflect your values and priorities, for Green that means creating a brand that focuses on fun. 

After years of experience in the industry, homebuyers and sellers in Florida know to turn to her if they want to make their transaction a fun one. The joy of the experience of buying and selling a home has become Green’s brand. For Green, fun is an essential part of the game. 

2. Meet one on one

Especially in a down market, meeting face-to-face with clients can be the moment that wins you their business over another agent. 

“I think our customers want us to be honest with them about where the market is at,” Green said. “I go back to the basics. I meet one on one with potential clients to help guide them through their specific journey. I think staying focused on our clients is where we are going to be most effective. Being available, consistent and having the consumers’ best interest at heart is what is going to earn us the trust to continue representing them as we navigate these new waters.”

3. Take risks

I am pretty liberal with my risks,” said Green. 

For her business, Green has hosted competitions, parties and even a ‘big head’ contest that prompted participants to take photographs with cut-outs of Green’s own face. Some of these risks haven’t paid off for her immediately, but even years down the road, they make her business memorable. Green described the risks she takes as, “Always surprising people. They like the creativity and they like knowing you will do whatever it takes— in a good market or bad —to help them buy or sell their home.”

4. Be creative

When brainstorming ways to reach your sphere of influence, creativity can be key. 

“Anyone that knows me knows that I have done some off-the-wall stuff to earn my client’s business,” said Green. 

While keeping all ideas in line with your brand, remember to have fun with it and embrace creativity like Green in order to grab your client’s attention. Buying and selling a home is a big decision, and working with a creative agent who can make the experience a fun one is essential to some homebuyers and sellers. 

5. Be authentic

“I think when you aren’t being authentic to who you are as a person and as a brand you lose credibility with your sphere of influence,” said Green. 

Authenticity can be a struggle as more and more agents rely on automation to run portions of their business. But, if you dial in and focus on creating content and messaging that matches your personality and your brand, then even your automated processes can come across as authentic. 

6. Have all the information

Homebuyers and sellers can look up just about anything online, so you have to get them turning to you for their information instead of other sources. 

“Becoming a concierge of information and assistance is so crucial. You will be their go-to for all things— including real estate,” Green said. 

7. Create traditions

Green returns to some of her outreach ideas again and again. Her go-to ideas are a Christmas season “Grinching” outing where “My 9-year-old dresses up as The Grinch and my 5-year-old is Cindy Lou Who,” Green explained.

 “We deliver Grinch-themed gift baskets and wish everyone a happy holiday,” she continued. “We want our clients to know how important they are not just to me, but my family.” 

When you create a tradition that clients can count on year after year, it creates a feeling of security and closeness that translates well to your business. 

Following some or all of Kristin Green’s advice when it comes to reaching your sphere of influence could be the boost your business needs in this down market. No matter the market conditions, there will always be people in need of a new home, and they’ll need you to guide them through the process.