When there is an urgent need for a roof to be fixed, one of the frequently asked questions that homeowners ask is whether the roof repair or installation project can be completed in a day. Considering that the process can be noisy and the inconvenience that it may bring to your home, you want the roof fixed as soon as possible.

In this article, we answer your question about how long it takes to complete an emergency roof repair. Click here for more information and resources regarding roof repair.

What determines the timeline of roof repairs?

Design complexity

The design of the roof is a major determinant of the completion time of the emergency roof repair. For example, a flat roof is likely to take less time than working on a roof with several planes. Complex roof designs will require more time to fix.

Also, safety precautions should be considered. The risk of danger is higher when working on a two-story building than a story building. And so, more time will be required to work on such a building. 

The degree of roof damage

The degree of damage to your roof also impacts the timeline of the project. Things to put into consideration include the roof beams and the underlying foundation later. Replacing a roof is much easier if the foundation of the roof is in good shape.

Weather conditions 

Roof work has to be done in favorable weather. The weather cannot be extremely cold, too hot, freezing, or raining. Attempting to rush the repair process immediately after snow or rain without allowing the roof to thoroughly dry, you’re likely to end up with a leaky roof or other roof issues.


The role that accessibility plays in the speed of an emergency roof repair is huge. For example, if the roof of your home is such that it overlooks a cliff, you can expect that it would take the contractor a longer time to work on it.

Some of the things that might restrict access to the roof are fences, shrubbery, landscaping, and paved surfaces.

The season

Roofing contractors are able to work for longer hours during summer and spring. Going by this, your roofer is expected to complete the repair more quickly. However, this may not necessarily be the case because these are also the busiest seasons of the year. Booking early is always the best.

There are many constraints that come with winter. Also, very few contractors will be able to work at night since it’s not safe. So, if the emergency roof repair is to be done during cold weather, its completion may take an extra day.

The roofing materials

The choice of material also impacts the completion time of a roof repair and installation. For example, it would take a shorter time to install a single-sheet metal roof than it would take to install individual synthetic slate shingles.

The following is the average installation time for some other materials:

  • Asphalt shingles: 1-3 days
  • Wooden shingles: 6-8 days
  • Slate tiles: 6-7 days
  • Concrete tiles: 8-9 days 

How long does it take a new roof to seal?

There are a couple of things that determine how long it would take a new roof to seal; the main one being the temperatures. For example, the roof’s minimum outside temperature is a consistent 40 degrees F for 24 hours. This is because colder temperatures will prevent the adhesive strip from activating and sealing the shingle. In fact, when the work is done in cold weather conditions, some manufacturers void your warranty.

Also, extreme temperatures can make the tiles to become fragile and also make the sealant to be extremely soft. In this case, the sealant will not harden immediately even though it activates. Because of this, the tile can be moved inadvertently if stepped on.

The average time for ceiling tiles to cure after the strips are activated is 48 hours. The time it takes for the tile adhesive to seal will usually vary between manufacturers and the season in which the installation is being done.

Beware of unusually fast repairs

While you may want your roof repair or installation to be as fast as possible, you may be compromising quality in the process. In fact, be wary of roofers who work faster than average for the following reasons:

  • Corners may be cut in the bid for speed
  • They may not do proper cleaning after the project
  • Poor quality work just to save time


Whether or not your roof can be fixed in a day will depend on a number of factors. The best way to know how long it would take to execute your emergency roof repair is by consulting a reputable roofing contractor. Kindly check out the Better Business Bureau for the ratings of any roofing contractor you’re looking to hire.