Hydrapressed pavers are concrete treated with high pressure. Hydrated concrete is placed inside a mold and kept under several thousand pounds of hydraulic pressure for several hours until cured into its final shape. The resulting product is a highly dense paver that easily withstands foot traffic, impacts, and the effects of weathering. Hydrapressed concrete pavers are durable, and they allow water to drain through them quickly, which means that hydrapressed concrete pavers work in outdoor areas where standing water would promptly cause damage to other paving stones. Hydrapressed concrete has superior strength to thickness ratio, making it resistant to traffic, climate, and age.  

Hydrapressed concrete is a popular outdoor material, especially in freeze/thaw climates. Hydrapressed concrete pavers are useful for driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. They can mimic other materials such as flagstone. As hydrapressed concrete expands less than many other paving materials, it is suitable for any home and can be cut to the appropriate size for your specific needs.

Hydrapressed concrete pavers are hardened aggregate. This paver is “pressed,” not laid dry and then wetted, but hydrated to be highly dense with watertight joints that drain well during the creation process. Hydrapressed concrete pavers serve as an ideal replacement for bluestone, brick, and other natural materials commonly used in cladding applications due to their high durability and low maintenance. While hydrapressed concrete is hydrophobic (water repellent), it must be treated with sealants or stains for protection against weathering or staining by motor oils or pet urine.  

As you can see, hydrapressed concrete pavers are paving blocks that offer a variety of benefits. They provide the durability and cost-effectiveness of hydrapressed concrete with the versatility and sustainability of asphalt and additional advantages such as noise reduction. The next time you’re looking for new pavement solutions, be sure to consider hydrapressed concrete pavers.