Overrun with unruly grasses and plants, the unkempt outdoor space at the Hingham Girl Scout House on 26 Burr Road will be the first recipient of a garden makeover, courtesy of Weston Nurseries, as the winner of their “Ugliest Garden Photo Contest.”

After spending their monetary donations and dues to prioritize making the house ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible for use by various community groups, the Hingham Girl Scouts have seen the grounds of their house taken over by overgrowth, said Gretchen Amonte, a member of the town service unit for the Hingham Girl Scouts.

The Hingham Girl Scout House, 26 Burr Road, will receive a garden design and $1,000 worth of shrubs and perennials as the winners of the Weston Nurseries' "Ugliest Garden Photo Contest."

Amonte said they recently added a ramp to the side door of the house in an effort to make it more accessible, but they still need an estimated $85,000 in alterations to the kitchen and bathroom to bring them to ADA compliance standards.

“So all the money’s been going to that and not necessarily maintaining the outdoor space,” Amonte said.

Girl Scout House wins a facelift

Garnering the support of the town through the power of social media, the Hingham Girl Scouts won a free garden design and $1,000 worth of shrubs and bulbs from Weston Nurseries.