Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Everyone loves a good and affordable home improvement project that adds value to a home and improves the living space. However, it’s not always the situation that your ideas and budget agree. There are so many great updates you can do but it often comes to choosing the ones you can afford at the moment.

So, if you’re thinking of doing a bit of home reno, here are several budget-friendly ideas that can revamp your home and turn your dreams into reality without breaking the bank.

Don’t go for bigger, go for more efficient

It may not be necessary to pull down walls and build extensions to make your kitchen more suitable for your needs. The tick just might be in reorganising the space and equipping your kitchen for optimal utility. Begin by replacing those space-dominating shelves with wide, pull-out drawers at cabinet height with racks inside so you can store canned goods, spices and other items.

This will give you several more horizontal spaces for storage whereas you commonly have only one. Even if you spend a bit more on upgrades such as pull-out trays, dividers and lazy Susans, it’ll still cost significantly less than building the extension you originally planned.

Consider long-term costs

If your exterior is in need of new wooden siding, you could save more in the long run by investing now in the pre-primed and pre-painted options. This will cost you an extra 10 to 20 cents per foot, but long term, you’ll be paying much less on future paint jobs.

The reason for this is that in factories, the finishes are applied on wood under specific and controlled conditions where there’s no moisture or sun exposure. Such prefabricated finish can hold up for ten years easily and still look amazing.

Revamp your bathroom

Bathroom remodels are typically staggeringly expensive, so it pays off to take a different approach and look into cleverer and more practical alternatives. With smart, low-cost bathroom remodel projects, you can still have a clean, bright, and functional bathroom, but with more money left in your bank account.

Think in terms of keeping and refurbishing your existing materials to save money. Even installing inexpensive alternatives can leave your bathroom looking amazingly similar to the real thing. For instance, instead of putting in genuine wood plank flooring, opt for luxury vinyl flooring with a wood pattern.

Furthermore, don’t rush into buying new and expensive bathroom cabinets – repaint your existing ones and get new shiny hardware. Also, use another designer trick – install new tapware so even if you don’t replace your vanity, your sink will still sparkle!

Reupholster an old sofa

Instead of buying entirely new furniture, consider updating your vintage sofa or outdated sectional with a trendy new fabric covering. If your pieces are still in good condition and serve their purpose well, all it takes then is some new colour upholstery to breathe new life into them.

For instance, a typical two-seater sofa that requires about 8m of fabric will cost you around $550. Even if you pay a professional reupholstery service to do it for you it will still cost much less than purchasing a new sofa.

Refresh or replace internal doors

New or repainted internal doors can instantly transform a room. With trendy paint colours you can completely revamp old internal doors and by installing a new set of French doors even the layout of your home will seem different – it will appear brighter and more open-concept without having to make any structural changes.

Dress up your windows

Dressing up your windows with new treatments, be it blinds, curtains or a combination of both also has the power to transform the appearance of a room. If you opt for unlined curtain panels, you’ll have less trouble making them, they’ll cost less since there are no pleats that require more fabric so you can even choose more luxurious options.

Speaking of savings, inefficient windows with gaps that leak air can cost you a lot yearly, so it’s a smart move to hire an expert to inspect and repair your windows where necessary to improve their performance and cut your cooling and heating bills in the long run.

Restore original floor tiles

The entryway is your chance to make a great first impression with a new hallway colour scheme by installing new floor tiles. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go all new. With fantastic new high-quality floor tile paint, you can repaint your existing tiles or if you still love their pattern, have them professionally restored to their old glory.

You can obviously have a great but inexpensive home renovation if you approach it smartly and with a good plan. Hopefully, the tips listed here can give you some inspiration so you can choose the projects that best suit your needs and end up with spectacular, cost-effective updates in your home!