Trees are typically very tall and heavy structures so it is quite common for them to fall or lean which tends to result in the tree falling. There are a few signs that your tree is going to fall over that you should look out for. Many people might not pay attention to their trees, but it’s definitely something that you should keep an eye on if they’re on or near your property.

If you notice any of your trees leaning or if you notice any sign that they may fall then be sure to contact a tree service company so they can come assess your property to find the best solution. Quite often, a tree will require tree removal. To visit our website, click here.

Five Signs That Your Tree May Fall

There are a few signs that you should look out for when it comes to watching out for your trees falling. Falling trees are quite common, but they can be avoided by catching these signs ahead of time before the fall actually happens. You want to try to get the tree taken care of before it falls because a fallen tree can cause a lot of damage and possibly even injury.

1.    Leaning Tree

This is one of the most known signs that a tree may fall. Leaning trees are common, but leaning trees are also a cause for concern. Trees need to be standing straight and if they aren’t then the leaning tree will continually push the weight over and cause it to learn more. Inevitably, this means that the tree will eventually fall.

2.    Deep Cracks In Trunk 

Cracks in trees are somewhat normal but deep cracks or huge holes in the trunk of the tree can be a sign that your tree may fall. The trunk of the tree is the main part that holds the tree upright. If there is a hole in the trunk or a large crack in the trunk then this will make the tree very weak and could cause it to fall.

3.    Dead Or Falling Branches

Tree branches are a telltale sign of the health of your tree. Trees can start dying without your knowledge and without any huge signs like a decaying trunk. Usually the tree branches are the first area to show signs of death or damage. If your tree branches are dead or falling then you can assume that the rest of the tree is not far behind it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree will fall down tomorrow, but it does show that the tree is no longer healthy. If the trunk of the tree starts dying and decaying like the branches then it will make the tree weak which would make the tree eventually fall.

4.    Tight V-Shaped Branch Growth 

V-shaped branch growth is something that most people don’t look for on their tree. Tree branches need a good amount of space between them for them to branch out and grow without intertwining with other branches. A V-shaped branch is a sure sign that the tree doesn’t have enough room for them to grow properly which can cause problems. This may cause branches to break and fall off as well which can cause property damage. You can check your branches in the winter months when the trees fall off to get a good look at how they are growing. The proper way for branches to grow is in a V-shape.

5.    Cracked Or Raised Soil

If the soil near the base of your tree is lifted or cracking then that is a sure sign that your tree is uprooting. This will result in the tree falling because it is no longer stabilized and held into the ground properly. If you can see the roots coming up in these cracks or raised soil then this is also proof that the tree is uprooting.

What To Do If A Tree Is About To Fall?

If you notice any of these signs on your trees in your property then you definitely need to take action quickly and invest in tree removal. Trees are very unpredictable just like all nature, so it’s extremely important to act fast and not just wait around to see if it gets worse. Since trees are unpredictable and realistically they can fall at any given moment, you want to prepare for just that. If there are cars parked near the tree or any property near the tree that can be removed, then remove it. If the tree falls on top of anything it will cause damage.

After you’ve cleared the area around the tree as best as you can you want to call a tree service company. Tree service companies are professionals that deal with everything tree related, including falling trees. The company will send people out to assess your tree and situation to find out the best method of tackling the tree. If your tree is in danger of falling then the company may choose to cut down the tree. This will ensure the safety of everyone around it and it will give more control of the tree.

When Should You Be Concerned About A Tree Falling?

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs then you should be concerned about a tree falling. Remember that you should be checking your trees and keeping an eye on them to ensure there are no surprise falling trees. Falling trees can cause so much damage to people, cars and homes, so it’s important to watch them to watch out for these signs. Having concern for falling trees is the job of any homeowner.

Calling a professional tree service company will save you a headache as well as concern about your tree. These companies are trained to look for signs of a falling tree and they will determine the best course of action. Usually these companies will do an emergency tree removal to get the tree off the property.

Everything You Need To Know About Falling Trees

Falling trees again are quite common but unfortunately they can cause a ton of damage to property and it can definitely cause injury to anyone it comes in contact with. There are a few signs that you should look out for when it comes to falling trees. If a tree falls it’s usually due to decaying or dead trees or a leaning tree that finally gave out. These signs are important for everyone to pay attention to in the case they might require tree removal.

If you see any sign that your tree may fall then you should prepare for any case scenario. This means you should clear the area around the tree in the case that it does fall. Then you should call a professional tree service company. A tree service company can come inspect the tree and truly decide if it is in danger of falling. If it is then they will proceed with an emergency tree removal to get the tree off of your property. Calling a professional tree service company is the safest bet when it comes to possible fallen trees. Always look out for the signs of a falling tree to make sure that there are no surprises on your property of a falling tree.