#PINNED: 10 easy home makeover tips that will save you lots of money

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Decluttering, freeing up space, and decorating your home for the upcoming celebrations at home while trying to stay on budget is not easy. But there are DIY home improvement tips to help you save money on renovation expenses.

We have listed down 10 simple home makeover ideas to conveniently spice up your abode without breaking the bank!

1. Adjust the motif of your home to match your existing theme. Most of the time, repainting the walls can do the trick. Consider the color of your floor tiles, your existing furniture, and the dominant look of your appliances. Are you into the minimalist white look, #TeamKahoy hues, or a touch of modern metallic finish for your appliances? Stick to a wall color that will complement or accentuate what you already have at home.

2. Add layers. Every room must have layers of lighting. However, DIY fanatics working on a low budget divert their layering to other home pieces such as carpets and rugs. For basics, all four legs of the sofa set should fit and rest on the carpet. If the room is too small, pick a stylish rug that can make everything look proportionally suitable for the space.

3. Consider white for small spaces. Some apartment and condominium kitchens are small. But for the tiny but mighty kitchen, living is made easy and comforting with these white appliances that work perfectly for a limited space.

4. Measure, measure, measure. Whether you have decided to accentuate your wall with a photo frame, a decorative wall clock, or a lavish painting, measure the surface and hang the centerpiece at eye level. An oversized accent is enough to be the main focus, while a group of smaller frames can be arranged gallery-style, around two to four inches apart.

5. Hang a mirror in a blank room. The best spot to put a mirror is always the wall perpendicular to the window to make your home look brighter. This strategic location bounces back the light around the space so if you have finally found that side of your home, secure a mirror on that spot with legit and high-quality tools.

6. “Raise” your ceiling. Some visual tricks can help make a low ceiling look hotel-like or less claustrophobic. Choose vertical stripes for curtains and patterned panels. Another simple remedy to raise the roof is to place the curtain rods three inches on top of the window edge to make an illusion of a higher ceiling.

7. Organize your fridge, too. Airtight-sealed food containers are your ultimate BFFs when it comes to fridge organization. Place the same condiments together, create zoning for your snacks, and store fruit, vegetables, and leftovers in neat containers — allowing freshness within the jar and no smell to escape.

8. Add color with plants. Pop some life into a monotonous room with low-maintenance succulents or seasonal flowers. Better yet, get them fresh from your garden and turn them into table centerpieces. Most succulents don’t require frequent watering, while dried flowers give a rustic look.

9. Simplicity goes a long way. If you already have a bold color combination at home like fuschia pink, emerald green, or ruby red, that doesn’t need bold pieces fighting for the spotlight. Instead, opt for sleek yet stylish appliances you’ll surely love to have. Classy yet sturdy appliances eliminate one visual element to keep an edgy look from going over the top.

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