There’s hardly ever been a greater time to contemplate introducing a battery-driven drive lawn mower to your arsenal of out of doors applications. “Battery technological innovation has improved to the level where a battery mower performs just as well as a fuel-driven one,” suggests Mike Chiesa, manager of Electricity at Hand, which sells and expert services outdoor electric power devices in Denver.

Eco-welcoming electric mowers are 30 to 40 % quieter than their gas counterparts, which can spew about 11 periods the emissions that a automobile does in excess of the exact time period, in accordance to Alex Kronk, whose website,, gives guidance about lawn instruments. Electric versions also require negligible servicing, pretty much normally get started on the first check out and don’t emit noxious fumes. Furthermore, ideal now, gasoline selling prices are obscenely substantial.

Thanks to substantial consumer desire, cordless, battery-powered thrust mowers have grow to be mainstream. Using mowers will probably abide by (their expense is presently in the 1000’s), but for this story, I’m sticking to the kinds you wander at the rear of. You can discover mowers by approximately each big producer at dwelling improvement retailers or specialty dealers.

Ahead of you pull out your credit rating card, although, do a little bit of self-analysis. Chiesa asks every single buyer: Do you definitely get care of your lawn? Do you mow just about every four to five days when it is developing in spring, or do you mow when the grass gets tall and your neighbors complain? Cutting tall grass requires additional force, which can dress in out an electrical motor. “Be real with yourself as to what sort of mower you are,” he claims. “Electric will disappoint you if you just enable the grass increase.”

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For individuals who consider satisfaction in a nicely-groomed garden, electric is the way to go. With a battery-run mower, you by no means have to adjust the oil or worry that the gasoline will go bad. Battery versions are light-weight (about 20 kilos in contrast with about 80 lbs for gasoline-powered) and fold up neatly for storage. A strong a person prices in between $300 and $600. Below are some suggestions for deciding on a battery-powered garden mower.

Decide your lawn sizing. Many consumers incorrectly estimate how considerably grass they need to mow. Use Zillow or Redfin to get your great deal measurement, or check out For any place fewer than just one acre, a battery mower should really be up to the process, Kronk states. Request the dealer about a model’s run time or how many sq. toes it can mow in advance of the battery runs out of juice. A battery mower can typically operate for 25 to 40 minutes on a single charge, so a massive lawn may demand you to change to a second battery (about $40 to $150), until you opt to mow the entrance and back on diverse days.

Search for highly regarded models. For significant devices buys, intelligent individuals know to shop title brand names with solid track documents. It doesn’t significantly make a difference in which you purchase your mower from — a specialty retailer, a property advancement center, a hardware retailer, on the net — as very long as the corporation has a reliable name for goods and buyer provider. Search for unbiased testimonials on-line and/or observe video assessments to see the devices in action. Then communicate to family customers or neighbors who have electric mowers, suggests Aran Brosnan, senior marketing and advertising supervisor for Toro, an out of doors devices maker. Overwhelmed by decisions? Store from an approved dealer, which will enable you appraise your garden demands and answer questions, as perfectly as allow you examination-push various versions to get a come to feel for which one particular fits you the best.

Adhere with one particular battery procedure. Acquire note of other merchandise that could use the exact battery and charger, this sort of as a string trimmer or leaf blower. “Manufacturers are hoping to ensure that their rechargeable battery is interchangeable across all power equipment, so you can buy a different software in the procedure with no yet another battery and charger,” Brosnan states. If you already have other battery-driven tools, you could want to get started with that firm, these types of as Ryobi, Ego, Toro or Greenworks, to see whether it gives a mower. That way, you can possibly obtain the total model and swap in the battery from your other applications for further run time, or you can obtain the device with out the battery and help you save income.

Self-propelled vs. hand-force. Push mowers occur in two kinds: hand-thrust or self-propelled. With the latter, you in essence walk behind the machine as it cuts the grass. The just one you decide on will count on your private desire, but observe that electrical mowers aren’t that hefty to commence with. “The self-propelled perform rapidly drains the battery and boosts mower charge by up to $200,” Kronk says.

Know the technique if a thing goes erroneous. One of the most vital areas to contemplate is what takes place if there is an issue with the mower, Chiesa claims, so check with your retailer ahead of acquiring. “Some firms have licensed dealers, others insist you ship it back again in the box to the manufacturing facility for restore. There is no community spot to just take it,” he states.

Glimpse for toughness. You are going to shell out much more, but in the prolonged operate, it pays to order a mower with steel — not plastic — decking, Kronk claims. Metallic decking shields the mower motor, so rocks will not crack it or get thrown as you mow. Almost all newer battery mowers have a brushless motor, but you ought to ensure this with the retailer. Brushless motors are extra vitality-efficient and operate for a longer time than their brushed counterparts.

Lower maintenance doesn’t signify no upkeep. Whilst battery-driven mowers demand small assistance (no gasoline, oil or spark plug improvements), you really should get them to a expert after or twice a calendar year to have the blades sharpened. “It’s a true surprise to men and women that useless leaves, not sticks or thick grass, dull mower blades,” Chiesa states. You also want to effectively retail store your mower and battery. Despite the fact that the mower can keep in a non-temperature-managed area, the battery and charger must be kept indoors, in which it’s protected from dampness and temperature swings.

Excess characteristics might (or might not) be really worth it. With so lots of battery-run mowers on the sector, manufacturers are featuring added functions to distinguish their item from many others. For instance, some Toro types arrive with what the enterprise phone calls Personal Speed. (In essence, the quicker you stroll, the quicker the self-propelled mower goes, and it slows down when you do.) Some mowers may well occur with an eco-method that slows down the blade to preserve battery daily life many others can sense if the grass is thick and will ramp up when you have to have more strength. Practically all mowers have each bag and mulcher possibilities, allowing you to switch between the two characteristics. The one feature you genuinely should not shell out for, Kronk says, is lights. “Not only is it a battery killer, but who mows in the darkish?”

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