The 6 Hottest Colors To Use in Your Kitchen This Fall and Winter Holiday Season

Adding color to a space can be transformative—especially if it’s somewhere you spend a lot of time, like the kitchen. As you get ready for another season of dinner parties and holiday celebrations, we thought it the perfect time to revamp the color scheme in your cook space.

So after scouting out the newest color trends (and getting the insider info from top designers), we’re here to bring you, hands-down, the six hottest colors for kitchens right now—plus all the info you need to incorporate these amazing hues into your home.

Fall kitchen paint colors
Cedar Mill by Pratt & Lambert

Pratt & Lambert

Cedar Mill evokes images of a crisp, cool forest—and while it’s perfect for autumn, it’s also an ideal muted green to enhance the natural light and beauty of your kitchen year-round.

“This is one of my favorite choices among trending colors,” says designer Marco Bizzley, of House Grail. “Basically, it’s an olive green color with a muted gray tone.”

Pelt (plum) paint color in kitchen
Pelt by Farrow & Ball

Maine Home + Design

Looking to get a little darker in your home’s hub this season? Then you’re going to love the idea of adding some plum accents—on the walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling—for a more dramatic look.

“This warm purple shade is homely yet sophisticated and feels perfect for the fall season,” says Anton Giuroiu, CEO of Architecture Lab. “Whether your kitchen fixtures are white or natural wood, they will look stunning against a backdrop of freshly painted plum walls.”

Copper Pot paint in kitchen
Copper Pot by Sherwin-Williams


If your pumpkin spice lattes are just barely scratching the surface of your needs this fall, then you might want to check out Copper Pot, which evokes a mouthwatering dessert for your kitchen walls.

“It’s one of my favorite accent colors that we’ve seen in fall-inspired kitchens,” says Shannon Serpette, editor of The Design Home. “While this rusty orange makes for a great focal point, it’s best paired with quieter colors, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Malabar.”



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Duck green paint in kitchen
Duck Green by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball

This deep hue evokes that feeling of a wild forest after rainfall—and is the perfect relaxed dark shade for a modern kitchen.

“Hunter green complements creamy, neutral tones to perfection,” says Bizzley. “Even better, you won’t need to replace your neutral cabinets—just change the color of the walls.

“And if you want your kitchen to look supertrendy, you can also mix this color with a pink,” he adds. “Because of the popularity of these two hues, they’ve become something of a fad in the field of interior design.”

Texas Rose paint color in kitchen
Texas Rose by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

The idea of painting your kitchen pink may seem preposterous, but just wait until you check out this elegantly soft shade of blush.

Texas Rose is a deep, muted salmon-red color with a brick undertone,” says Bizzley. “For people wanting to bring amazing, pure color into their world, it’s the ideal choice. It can be used for walls, which can be perfectly accompanied by the cabinets in Happy Trails color.”

Kitchen paint colors - blue
Stunning Sapphire by Glidden

Home Depot

This trending fairy-tale blue is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement in their kitchens—one that will last long after the leaves fall.

“The trend toward using sapphire has come because of the desire for cooler, less crowded areas,” says Serpette. “Blue is known to be a calming color, and the depth of sapphire blue marries the concepts of open space, with a cozy and comfortable one. And blue is a contrasting color to orange, which also makes them a very good pair.”

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