The Key to Deciding on a Design for the Kitchen or Bathroom

California residents have great choices for kitchen remodeling contractors. However, some take longer to do the job than others, and some are not as professional as they should be. With the numerous choices available from kitchen remodel contractors, homeowners should take the time to choose the right one for their project. Does the family need a really quick remodel with as little disturbance to family life as possible? Or, does the family want a kitchen or bathroom remodel that involves gutting the spaces and creating all-new rooms?

Going For a Quick Remodel

Companies such as Granite Transformations are able to provide fast kitchen and bath remodels. They have special methods and products that allow them to remodel a kitchen or bathroom in as little as one day, depending on the size of the room and other factors. They do not work the way a traditional remodeling contractor works. The process starts with working with the homeowner to design the new kitchen and choose the materials to be used. They then program the design and material choices into a “visualizer,” creating a picture of what the kitchen or bathroom will look like.

Their way of remodeling uses little or no demolition. They reface existing cabinets and install new countertops and surfaces using special materials. Since they are not demolishing cabinets, the job goes faster. Go to to check out the services they offer and the scope of the remodels they do. If their rooms work with this type of renovation, homeowners will save money and time.

By going to, you can see remodels they have completed and communicate with design professionals who will help design new rooms. They will also say if the remodel is beyond their service model.

Going For the More Extensive Remodel

If the bathroom or kitchen is in need of a complete overhaul, including gutting and installing new appliances, fixtures, cabinets, and other surfaces, a remodeling contractor who specializes in that type of renovation may be needed. You may even want to add or remove doors and windows or move them to better spots. There may be a way to enlarge a kitchen or open it up to the dining room or living room.

Planning in Advance

Before a homeowner can decide on which kind of kitchen and bath modeling contractor they need, they need to do some planning on their own.

  • First, sit down and write down the elements the family wants. This involves deciding what the family likes in the existing kitchen and what new features they want to be added. This is also the stage where the homeowner decides on the scope of the remodel. Decide on a design budget.

  • Decide on the best layout for the new room, and then draw up a detailed floor plan to scale. Include all doors, windows, etc. that will not be changing. Ask the kitchen specialist if the layout wanted is functional and make changes as needed.

  • Now, take the time to look for kitchen design ideas the family likes online or in design magazines. This is a good time to visit kitchen and bath remodeling business showrooms.

  • Choose the color scheme and materials to use in the new room. At this stage, a kitchen remodeling expert will be very helpful. The contractor being used should also be consulted. This is the stage where countertops, cabinet styles, and finishes are chosen.

  • Be sure to work with a reputable contractor and kitchen designer to get a design that works and meets all modern codes and expectations. Lighting and ventilation are important. Is there enough storage? Is there enough counter space?

Plan ahead for how the family will function during the remodeling process. Will it be necessary to move out of the home for the messy part or can the family make do with no kitchen or no bathroom during the remodeling process?

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