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Whether you’re redesigning the office kitchen for when employees return or realise you need an upgrade after spending so much time at home, how you choose to design the space and the various appliances, cookware, tableware and other utensils and gadgets you decide to include is important. More often than not, the kitchen is a space where people gather to connect. 

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of five tips to help you create a kitchen that inspires creativity, initiates conversation and puts an end to boring water cooler chat. Instead, you’ll be able to bond over a cup of coffee or come up with new ideas while preparing lunch. 

Make sure it can stand the test of time 

Both physically and aesthetically, your new kitchen design should embrace an easy-to-clean, ready for wear mentality. Features like resistant surfaces, functional kitchen appliances, durable tableware and servingware, cutlery sets and glassware will ensure that the kitchen is ready for whatever life throws its way. From large gatherings celebrating the holidays or Friday lunches with the team, the kitchen should more or less be easy to use. So go for simple, reliable and affordable. 

Forget the open plan 

Contrary to popular belief, an open plan kitchen isn’t the most practical kitchen design for the office. With smells, sounds and more — this design can distract employees at the end of an open workspace. Instead, consider a smaller spot for employees to grab a tea or coffee and a larger kitchen for heating, chopping and preparing. In addition, you’ll save the stinky lunch smell from wafting into the workspace. 

Choose a purposeful design 

Cluttered countertops or the dishwasher beneath the microwave — it’s easy to forget the kitchen’s purpose while focusing solely on the design. Instead, your home or office kitchen should have a natural flow that gives plenty of room for washing dishes, heating food and preparing today’s menu. So swap cluttered countertops with accessible cupboards and quality kitchenware

Make space for everyone 

Typically, your standard office lunchroom has a few tables and chairs to sit down and eat. Instead, try providing enough space for seating options. For example, you can have different dining areas, cafe-style seating, and long benches for working and eating. The result is an atrium-style kitchen that’s buzzing with different environments that create conversation and inspire creativity. 

Set the ground rules 

To make sure that your new kitchen design is a welcoming space for everyone, make sure to establish some rules. These rules can include what time of the week the fridge is emptied of old food, when to load and unload the dishwasher, and whether or not a covering is necessary for the microwave. Of course, your employees are responsible adults with kitchens at home, but ground rules are a great way to ensure everyone’s on the same page. 

Naturally, people flock to the kitchen for a break in their day and hopefully pass someone on the way. Instead of making the space people want to avoid, design a space that invites creativity, conversation and connection. As a result, you’ll have a stronger team, happier employees and more productivity.

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