BELFAST – The Belfast Yard Club’s Jan. 18 speaker sequence characteristics Teddy Mattson discussing the benefits of hügelkultur, a standard gardening strategy from Germany and Austria that interprets to “mound backyard garden.” The presentation will be offered as a result of Zoom from noon to 1 p.m.

The method consists of constructing a mound of woody particles and burying it in soil. Mattson will make clear the philosophy, ecological rules, and sensible ways to constructing profitable hügelkultur gardens out of landscape debris, from full trees down to garden clippings. He will also address simple how-tos, tips and tips for streamlining the system, and some pointers relating to what not to do including utilizing invasive vegetation, messy development, and constructing on steep slopes. 

Hügelkultur is a standard gardening method from Germany and Austria that interprets to “mound garden” that uses cleanup particles and encourages helpful fungal expansion. Contributed photo

Mattson said there are numerous advantages to this fashion of gardening which include a method by which to use up all landscape debris accumulated immediately after spring or fall cleanup. “Everything you crank out can be place to use,” he reported.  In no way send your brush and leaves to the burn pile or transfer station all over again.