Utility room design – how to have one even in a closet

Utility room design is often held up as the savior of modern living. For who hasn’t, at some point, told themselves that a beautifully organized utility room would be the answer to their piled-up laundry woes? We can’t promise that refreshing this oft-neglected area will have a direct impact on productivity when it comes to household tasks, but we can be certain that it will make tackling them feel like less of a chore. 

If you’re debating over your utility room ideas, or starting from scratch as part of a larger building project, there are a few considerations to take into account before you embark on any significant work. ‘Planning is the key to a functional space,’ says William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens.When considering your layout, think about the time you spend in your utility room and what you want to use the space for. This will inform the kind of storage you need, and certain specifics; for example, whether the room is dog friendly.’