TikTok currently offers a lot of entertaining content. However, this social media platform also has some influencers that post useful guides. 

[Viral Culture] Best TikTok Accounts To Get Inspiration For Room Design Ideas

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MILAN, ITALY – APRIL 16: Creations are displayed at the Temporary Museum For New Design during 2012 Milan Design Week on April 16, 2012 in Milan, Italy.

If you are looking for room ideas that would help you renovate your house, then you can follow these accounts since they offer interior design guides that you could follow.

Aside from these, some content creators are also educating their followers about the history of some of the most popular design houses across the globe. 

Best TikTok Accounts For Room Design Ideas

The Architectural Digest‘s latest report listed the best TikTok users you can follow to have some idea on how to improve your room’s furniture arrangement, as well as its physical design. 

[Viral Culture] Best TikTok Accounts To Get Inspiration For Room Design Ideas

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An Indian mobile user browses through the Chinese owned video-sharing ‘Tik Tok’ app on a smartphone in Bangalore on June 30, 2020. – TikTok on June 30 denied sharing information on Indian users with the Chinese government, after New Delhi banned the wildly popular app citing national security and privacy concerns.

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Kellie Brown (@andigetdressed) 

Kellie Brown is one of the most popular home influencers on TikTok. She started as a regular fashion blogger and then gained some followers after she transitioned to home decorations. Her style mainly focuses on creating vintage room designs. 

Enigma (@enigma.curation) 

Unlike other interior design influencers, Enigma prefers to hide his real identity. Although this is the case, you can expect some great and unusual room designs from his video since his style mainly focuses on irregular architecture. 

Cliff Tan (@dearmodern) 

Most content of Cliff Tan focuses on floor plan layouts. Most of his videos are mainly about rearranging your room’s furniture, such as beds, tables, chairs, and other items. 

Jonathan Colin (@joniscolin) 

Jonathan Colin is an artist/designer currently based in Los Angeles. His works are quite colorful, mainly revolving around the use of woods and other natural materials. His content is entertaining since he offers behind the scenes to allow his followers to know how he did his room designs. 

Josh & Matt (@joshandmattdesign)

Josh Jessup and Matt Moss are a couple on TikTok considered one of the best room design content creators on the platform. Their creations are usually minimalist, which is one of the main reasons why most TikTok users tend to follow their content for easier and simpler interior renovations. 

Aside from these top TikTok influencers for room designs, you can also follow these top five Tiktok accounts for mental health advice. Because of the social media’s talented users, TikTok already surpassed YT as the most-watched platform in the United States and the United Kingdom.  

Making Your DIY Room Renovation Easier

Aside from following the mentioned TikTok influencers above, Freshome also provided some of the best apps you can use that would help you plan your room’s arrangement. 

  • SmartDraw
  • Roomstyler
  • Ikea Home Planner Tools
  • Design a Room
  • Planner 5D
  • Homestyler
  • The Home Renovator
  • Sweet Home 3D

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