What Types Of Wine Coolers Are There?

ByRachel Lewis

Apr 2, 2022 #cool, #drink, #wine

So you are searching for the perfect way to improve your home space, and perhaps a wine cooler is at the top of your wishlist? You may consider purchasing your wine cooler at a Wine Cooler Shop online. You can find incredibly beneficial deals when you buy a wine fridge online, especially at stores like luxury vinoteca. First, however, you should pay attention to the wine fridge because this will determine the length of life your wine fridge endures. Additionally, the wine fridge manufacturer you purchase from varies between their service warranties, which means you could potentially pay extra for regular fridge services later on.

The Three Types of Wine Coolers

If you are looking for the best wine storage option, a wine cooler should be top of your list. Wine coolers are the most convenient option because they consume less energy than standard fridges and freezers, preserve the taste of your wine, and are manufactured in three types of wine cooler storage units.

Freestanding Wine Cooler

A free-standing wine cooler is a stand-alone wine fridge that does not stand alongside your kitchen. Instead, these wine coolers mimic extensive wine cellars and can not be stored as built-ins because the heat dissipated from the rear, and if the heat can’t escape them, the unit might overheat.

Fully-Integrated Wine Cooler

A fully-integrated wine cooler’s design is fit for a cabinet space to give off a floating effect. Additionally, these wine coolers give your kitchen a seamless look and help you store your favourite wines optimally. The warm air from the fridge cooling system pushes towards the side of the wine cooler through a channel that is placed in the kitchen for correct airflow.

Built-In Wine Cooler

A built-in wine cooler is like a freestanding wine cooler because it sits on the floor and has vents facing the front of the unit, using fans underneath the team. These wine coolers are available in various sizes to fit under the countertop. Built-in wine coolers store up to 200 wine bottles, so do not let their small sizes fool you.

Compressor-Based vs Thermoelectric?

A compressor-based wine cooler has a broader internal operating temperature to store any blend of wine. Additionally, compressor-based wine coolers can reach lower temperatures like 5° – 20°C and reaches these temperatures because it has a compressor, fan, and evaporator system, which is available for freestanding, fully integrated, and built-in. However, compressor-based wine coolers cause vibrations from the compressor, which affects the wine’s preservation process. On the other hand, thermoelectric wine coolers are vibration-free since they do not run on a compressor. Additionally, a thermoelectric wine cooler is quiet because it does not rely on refrigerant or cool via electrolysis. Furthermore, they are energy efficient and help preserve the environment.

Single vs Dual Temperature Zone?

Single temperature zone wine coolers only have one temperature zone, whereas dual temperature zone wine coolers have two independent temperature built-in storage zone. Generally, the perfect wine cooler has separate humidifiers, charcoal filters, and thermometers to increase the storage potential of the wine cooler’s sections. Since warm air rises in wine coolers, manufacturers created these units as graduated temperature wine coolers. Moreover, the benefit of dual temperature zone wine coolers is that you can store various wine types simultaneously, including your reds, wines, and champagnes.